James "Jay" Higgins
Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Medium
Intuitive, Teacher


A Bridge Between Two Worlds

I want to take this time to say thank you for stopping and visiting today. My objective is to help you find answers that you are looking for. I am certified in Intuitive development, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Counseling, and Spiritual Healing. I have been helping people throughout the world for the past fifteen years to find the answers and connect them to their own intuitive selves.

I use a variety of tools to recieve the information that will help you live your life in a more positive and prosperous way. I use my abilities to connect to my guides and I also use tools such as astrology, numerology, and tarot to bring the information to create a clearer understanding for the individual. I also help people connect to their guides and learn all about themselves through the different development classes I teach.

My classes include Intuitive Development, Spirit Communication, Astrology 101 (Beginner's Astrology), Connecting to your Spirit Guides, Understand and Energize your Auras, Understanding and balancing your Chakras, Basic and Advanced Meditation, and Energy Healing.

I invite you to look through my website, become a member, and leave your comments and inspirations daily. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to give me a call for any questions or appointments you would like.

In Love and Light,


I am available for phone readings, email readings, classes, parties, or in person. You may reach me at my email address: consciousbeginnings@yahoo.com or by telephone: (941) 539-6288.